Asatru is the ancient religion of Northern Europe - the word itself means 'true to the Aesir (gods)'. It has been described by some as more of an ethic than a religion, although we would disagree with that. It does have a strong ethical component, best expressed in The Nine Noble Virtues. While Asatru does not have a formal creed, this statement of beliefs by Ravenswood could be considered an attempt in that direction.

Dave is a member of the Kindred of Ravenswood, and served as it's first godhi, or priest. This is the poem he wrote on the dedication of the harrow (altar) of Ravenswood.

Dave has written two articles on Asatru that have been published in Idunna, the magazine of the Ring of Troth, a national Asatru organization. These were about the gods Vali and Baldr.

Another fine national organization is Frigga's Web. Dave serves on their Board of Trustees and also acts as webmaster for the organization.

Dave is a Godman of The Troth. This organization hosts an annual "moot" (gathering) every year, usually around the first of June, in varying locations. It's here in Indiana every other year, at Lincoln State Park.

Ravenswood has many fine links and other information - more here would simply be redundant. We encourage you to investigate Asatru. It has certainly been a satisfying faith for us.