Critics: Obama Milk Reg Change 'Udderly' Ridiculous

Crying over unspilt milk ...

To some critics, the Obama Administration’s announcement Thursday about deregulating milk storage on dairy farms was “udderly” ridiculous.

(link) [Fox Business]

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Fossil found of prehistoric prawn monster

Jumbo shrimp ...

A giant prehistoric shrimp-like monster which terrorised the oceans more than half a billion years ago has been discovered by scientists.

(link) [Daily Mail]

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Your So-Called Education

ain't all it's cracked up to be ...

Commencement is a special time on college campuses: an occasion for students, families, faculty and administrators to come together to celebrate a job well done. And perhaps there is reason to be pleased. In recent surveys of college seniors, more than 90 percent report gaining subject-specific knowledge and developing the ability to think critically and analytically. Almost 9 out of 10 report that overall, they were satisfied with their collegiate experiences.

(link) [New York Times]

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Placebos work, even when patients are in the know

Crème de la Strange...

In what researchers call a novel 'mind-body' therapy, most patients in a study suffering from irritable bowel syndrome reported relief after receiving pills they were told contained no real medicine.

(link) [Los Angles Times]

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The Secret Histories of Those @#$%ing Computer Symbols

What better way to get back to posting than with this bit of history? Especially interesting are the bind rune and the symbol of Satan that's destined to give the P&G logo a run for it's money.

They are road signs for your daily rituals-the instantly recognized symbols and icons you press, click, and ogle countless times a day when you interact with your computer. But how much do you know about their origins?

(link) [Gizmodo]

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Another Hiatus

Well, I'm still alive. And so is MacRaven, even if it's activity level has slowed again. Believe me, that's about the only activity level that's abated around here in the past couple of months. Lots going on, too much to go into in one post, that's for sure. But I'll be back when I've regained a handle on things, and with any luck, that won't be too long.

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