Egypt to Copyright Pyramids and Sphynx

"Absurd" doesn't begin to do this justice...

We all know the usual pro-copyright arguments. Most of them hinge on the fact that the individual or company that has a copyright needs an incentive to make something that is copyrightable, and therefore ensure a revenue stream in a period after the copyright has been granted. In a never-surpassed move, Egypt is working on legislation to extend copyright well above 3000 years they are going to start claiming royalties for using likenesses of the Sphynx and the Pyramids. It is still unclear whether the original intent of the Pyramids included 'making sure them bastards pay for a plastic copy in 3000 years' alongside 'securing a pathway to the heavens for the God King.'

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Dec. 26, 1982: Time's Top Man? The Personal Computer

How quaint.

The computer age for the rest of us may have officially begun with the news magazine's unusual choice for its "Man of the Year" award.

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