School Officials Plan to Ban Whole Milk

This is where the war on "junk" food will ultimately lead - the definition of "junk" is malleable and subjective, and will depend on who has the most political clout. Why aren't the dairies screaming about this?

Because whole milk is actually more expensive to produce than skim or low fat milk - thanks to modern processing you can "stretch" milk without turning it into cheese, making more low fat product than whole milk from the same amount of real milk. And of course, with some judicious lying marketing you can convince people that it's better for them as well, and thus sell it for a higher price!

I'm no fan of overly processed commercial dairy products, but any whole milk will have more nutritional value than skimmed or reduced fat milk, because the processing not only removes the milk fat, it removes a bunch of other goodies.

I'd love to see us get back to Real Milk ("straight from the cow") - but it's actually illegal in most states to sell it. I deliver the next best thing - pasteurized but not homogenized, from a grass fed herd of Brown Swiss cows.

Take the time to learn about decent dairy products, especially if you're female: osteoporosis, a disease virtually unknown before "modern" milk production methods were adopted, awaits.

AP - Cartons of whole milk would be considered junk food, but baked Cheetos would not, under new rules proposed Friday by Illinois education officials.

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