Giants Complete Makeover and Rewrite History

Apparently there are football gods, and cheaters really don't ultimately prosper.


The unlikeliest of Giants championship runs hurdled the best of the National Football Conference and finally a team that was supposed to be one for the ages.

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Could We Find a Door To A Parallel Universe?

Just plain interesting.

Though no direct evidence for wormholes has been observed, this could be because they are disguised as black holes. Now Alexander Shatskiy of the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow, Russia, is suggesting a possible way to tell the two kinds of object apart. His idea assumes the existence of a bizarre substance called "phantom matter", which has been proposed to explain how wormholes might stay open. Phantom matter has negative energy and negative mass, so it creates a repulsive effect that prevents the wormhole closing. US expert Dr Lawrence Krauss, from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, points out that the idea rests on untested assumptions. He told New Scientist magazine: "It is an interesting attempt to actually think of what a real signature for a wormhole would be, but it is more hypothetical than observational. Without any idea of what phantom matter is and its possible interactions with light, it is not clear one can provide a general argument."

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Clinton suggests tapping wages

Ya know, when the government steals money from my paycheck, I use a special word for it: tax. But I suppose they can call it whatever they want: the reality of theft remains.

AP - Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday she might be willing to garnish the wages of workers who refuse to buy health insurance to achieve coverage for all Americans.

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Patriots, NFL deny new spying allegation

Here is a team with an eternal asterisk by their records during the Belichick era. What really amazes me though, is the attitude of the NFL commissioner:

"There was no indication that it benefited them in any of the Super Bowl victories," he said.

Listen, you moron. Cheating is cheating, and it's wrong. If I take a secret crib sheet to a classroom test, and am caught with it before the test starts, I'm still gonna get an 'F' on that test, and probably suspended from school, despite the fact that the crib sheet didn't help me a bit. If I find a poorly written term paper on the internet and turn that in as my work, I'm gonna be punished for plagiarism, even though the paper on it's own would've earned me a 'D' and not helped my grade at all.

Cheating is cheating, and it's wrong. Even if you lose while doing it.

AP - A member of the New England Patriots' video staff taped the St. Louis Rams' last walkthrough before the 2002 Super Bowl, a Boston newspaper reported Saturday. The NFL, however, said it was satisfied this was not another Spygate.

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Only the slim will be allowed to dine in public!

I wish I could use my usual "Unbelievable!" marker here, but alas, very little is truly unbelievable anymore when it comes to legislation.

It has actually happened. Lawmakers have proposed legislation that forbids restaurants and food establishments from serving food to anyone who is obese (as defined by the State). Under this bill, food establishments are to be monitored for compliance under the State Department of Health and violators will have their business permits revoked.

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Mentally retarded women used in bombings

Give that al-Qaida is an allegedly religious organization, would be very interested in hearing the relevant mullah's give the godly justification for this ...

I'll just have to be sure I have a barf bag at the ready.

For the record, while I have no more love for Islam than for any other monotheist BS, I don't believe that even the most creative mullah can find anything approaching a relevant passage from the Koran or a Hadith that would serve to cover these atrocities. Remember this the next time you heard some idiot praising the "courage" of suicide bombers.

AP - Two mentally retarded women strapped with remote-control explosives and possibly used as unwitting suicide bombers brought carnage Friday to two pet bazaars, killing at 73 people in the deadliest day since Washington flooded the capital with extra troops last spring.

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