Same Dev Tools/Language/Framework For Everyone?

Well, this is like saying that all buildings should be erected using only a hammer, and a screwdriver. Very simple. That way construction workers could move easily from one building to the next without having to learn new tools.

The buildings wouldn't look very good, or be very functional, but who cares? We'd save a lot of money on tools and training!

AC writes "Upper management of the company I work at recently declared that all new development should be done with a single combination of development tools, language, and framework. The main rationale is that people can be relocated from one group / project to another faster, because they don't need to learn a new environment when they switch. Of course the chosen language / framework used by everybody does not need to be the best tool for the job, but it should be good enough to allow every project to get done. What does Slashdot think about this? Is it OK to use the same development tools and language for every project, instead of choosing what fits best? Will the time saved be sufficient to offset the time lost to the 'not the best tool for the job' environment developers will be forced to use?"

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G8 endorses halving emissions by 2050

Well, this shouldn't be too tough, seeing as how we'll almost certainly run out of fossil fuels long before then ...

Leading industrial nations have endorsed halving world emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, edging forward in the battle against global warming but stopping short of tough, nearer-term targets.

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