Squatters Unite for World Toilet Day

Darn! I missed it! Here's some history.

Since 2001, November 19 has marked World Toilet Day as part of an effort to break the silence surrounding sanitation issues in both richer and poorer countries. The World Toilet Organisation's initiative for 2009 is The Big Squat, and participants have been getting down on their haunches for charity.

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Can These Parents Be Saved?

Mercifully our kids have avoided the extremes of this behavior with our grandchildren, but all have told tales about the high weirdness they've witnessed at schools and playgrounds by "helicopter moms".

The backlash can't get here soon enough.

The insanity crept up on us slowly; we just wanted what was best for our kids. We bought macrobiotic cupcakes and hypoallergenic socks, hired tutors to correct a 5-year-old's "pencil-holding deficiency," hooked up broadband connections in the treehouse but took down the swing set after the second skinned knee. We hovered over every school, playground and practice field "helicopter parents," teachers christened us, a phenomenon that spread to parents of all ages, races and regions.

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