The Appraisal Debacle: How Not to Regulate

This was a part of the problem we faced recently, and overcame it only with lots of work and more than a little luck. It sure would've helped if the rules hadn't been changed in the middle of the game, so to speak.

Enacting rules to curb abuses arising during a housing bubble, which don't take effect until the succeeding financial crisis, can easily do more harm than good.

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A Celebration of Duct Tape

Nothing wrong with duct tape - most useful stuff on the planet. Even when it comes to analogies: I've been known to wear the moniker of duct tape programmer with a measure of pride.

If the DIY community had a universal symbol, it most certainly would be a roll of duct tape. Inexpensive, abundant, strong, and ready to stick to nearly anything, this versatile DIY companion is a must in your DIY toolkit.

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