First of 2011


Here's the little fellow we fished out of the stock tank last night - fine looking ram lamb.

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Sheared Sheep

Chunky Buns Sheared

Here's Chunky Buns yesterday afternoon - it seems she went first last year, too! Once again, her fleece is pre-sold. This year, however, she's very pregnant - and due any day.

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Sorry for the recent absence, but so much has been happening as to make blogging nearly impossible. To make a long story very short, Mom's health issues have flared again and she'd now safely ensconced in a nursing home. Layoffs are continuing and the future of my career in my present position doesn't look too rosy. It's shearing season, as well as the run up to the fiber event(s) over the summer. And finally, spring has sprung, and with it lambs! The first one was born last night, a little ram lamb from our Dor Galen flock, and momma dropped him in the water tank! Luckily, Lorraine had felt the need to check the barn before we went to bed, so we found him and fished him out around midnight, and got mom and baby bedded down in the center aisle. With only a bucket for water, and no tank to fall in!

I'll try to catch up over the next few days.

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