Daniels: Americans ought to be scared

I'm not as scared as I would be if this lying buffoon were running for President ...

"The state was broke when we got here, and we fixed that in a great, big way," Daniels said. "We have re-shaped our economy here to be, by all accounts, one of the most attractive to investment and growth and opportunity in the country. We've built roads at record rates, and then lowered property taxes to the lowest in the country. We made government work well."

Property taxes used to fund schools - and they were never onerous anyway - having lived in Minnesota for a few years I know onerous taxation! But with our property taxes constitutionally mandated at no more than 2%, here's one of the results: Franklin Twp. charges $475 to ride bus.

His "Major Moves" road building project was funded by selling the toll road. We'll see how good a deal that turns out to be, but rates have already risen dramatically. But it doesn't count as a tax increase - it's now a private road!

Of course, raising sin taxes aren't real tax increases either!

Apparently commerce is now a sin like smoking...

That must be because sales taxes are paid by consumers - because we must be business friendly at all costs! Even if sometimes we get a little bit too friendly...

And don't even get me started on the time madness.

So yes, Mitch, Americans should be scared. Scared witless that folks like you are likely to be running the country.

A lot of Republicans wanted Indiana's popular Governor Mitch Daniels to run for President. But he decided NOT to. Daniels sat down with CBS News chief White House correspondent Norah O'Donnell for some Questions and Answers

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