Cow and woman found in Cambridgeshire Anglo-Saxon dig

Awesome find!

Archaeologists excavating an Anglo-Saxon cemetery in Cambridgeshire say the discovery of a woman buried with a cow is a "genuinely bizarre" find.

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Chickens: Boom in Indy farming leads to more busts

Wild chickens, indeed! And why any urban coop contains a rooster is beyond me...

Billie Bowling's job compels him to do things like lay a lasso-type thing around the necks of stray pit bulls, scoop up unwanted kittens and corner a runaway wallaby (this actually happened three weeks ago on the Northwestside).
But the other day, Bowling found himself chasing three chickens down a suburban street. He and a fellow Animal Care and Control officer, Jason Kindig, were called to the vicinity of 38th Street and Moller Road on June 27 by a resident who reported "wild, aggressive chickens."

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Modern Tax Farmers

Ah, the joys of privatization...

What could be worse than bypassing the messy process of imposing taxes to instead use fines and court fees as revenue-generating tools so that people are penalized for exactly the wrong reasons? How about then leveraging the efficiency of private firms to collect those fines and fees, and levy more of their own, so that you're deputizing for-profit companies to wield the coercive power of the state, but largely divorced from those vestigial legal restraints and constitutional concerns that hobble the state itself?

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