What patients want in a hospital

I've never read such utter poppycock in my life. People generally go to a hospital to get well, not to surf the web, call their friends and update their Facebook page! It's all fine and well to have these amenities as amenities, but without an emphasis on the primary mission, curing disease and healing the injured, all the amenities in the world aren't going to make a "positive experience".

As for cost, you gotta love this:

Interestingly enough, although price was the biggest driver of purchasing decisions in all other industries in the PwC findings, price was the least important to provider customers. They were more likely to choose a hospital or doctor because of personal experience, at two and a half times more important than consumers in other industries.

Price can't be too important, eh, if the "customer" can't know them! Hospital price lists (called "chargemasters") are generally confidential. Also, most patients are sent to the hospital where their doctor practices - you generally don't go shopping when you're having a heart attack!

The site where this drivel was published claims to be "the leading source of healthcare management news for healthcare industry executives" - if they actually believe this kind of pap I think it's safe to say that we now know where the real problem in American healthcare resides...

Services in one location, Wi-Fi access, according to a PwC report.

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