Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers

Some good advice in here - most of which I follow ...

As a software engineer, you might want any number of things out of your job - a steady paycheck, the opportunity to work on interesting projects, a springboard to the next better job, or maybe you just like hanging out with other programmers. But by "effective", I mean the ability to complete projects in a timely manner with the expected quality. After working on dozens of software releases, I believe the following practices will bring you there, and while they may involve sticking your neck out, I'd like to think they will also advance your professional reputation, career longevity, and personal satisfaction.

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After the drought, seeking long-term solutions for farmers

This fellow pretty much nails it: the chief beneficiaries of government subsidies and "farm" programs are large corporations. If it's honesty in government we're after, "farm" subsidies should be renamed "agribusiness" subsidies and be done with it. Let's see how quickly those bills pass.

The news of the devastating drought of 2012 has overwhelmed the press with stories of hardship, despair, pain and suffering. Now federal and state governments are stepping in to "help the farmers."

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