Has the Great Library of Timbuktu Been Lost?

This isn't the first time Islamists have been involved in destruction on a historical scale - nor will it likely be the last. The inheritors of Theophilus live on ...

As the desert inches south into the city of Timbuktu, the sand settles on your skin and the air feels heavy in your lungs. When I travelled there nine years ago, the mythical city, home to the shrines of three hundred and thirty-three Sufi saints, left a bleak impression, tempered only by the selected wonders under glass at the Ahmed Baba Centre, an edifice which, until last Friday, housed between sixty and a hundred thousand manuscripts dating back as far as the thirteenth century. Other smaller libraries and private collections held many more. Until last week, the total number of historic manuscripts in Timbuktu and its surrounding region was estimated at about two hundred thousand.

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I Think I Spoke Too Soon

about having Internet access restored... but it's up this morning pretty solid, so I'd better strike while the iron is hot!

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New Victims In The War On Painkillers

Depressing news from the War on Some Drugs...

Regrettable. I guess that's one way to describe what happened to Jamie Russell. Another might be collateral damage.

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Back Online

Well, internet access seems to be more or less stable now. It still fades every once in a while, but hasn't been down for more than an hour in over a week. So assuming I can find the time (and have something to say) posting will resume. Happy New Year!

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