Organic food not more nutritional

Well, doh! I've always been suspect of the claims that organics contain more nutrients than "conventionally" raised foods. I mean, the foods are the same species, after all, should have the same nutritional value. But this is missing the entire point of organic (or naturally raised) food - it's not nutritional value, it's the non nutritive components that bother me.

Calling organic foods a "lifestyle choice" is like saying avoiding cancer causing chemicals is a "lifestyle choice". It's saying that not wanting to pump your kids full of BGH with their milk is a lifestyle choice. It's saying that being prudent and sensible about where your food comes from and what goes into making it is a mere "lifestyle choice".

Perhaps a more accurate description would be a "life choice" - there's no style to it. You can consciously choose to pay attention to the things you need to live, or consciously choose to to be ignorant. And ignorance can be costly indeed.

If you've ever found yourself in your local supermarket agonizing about whether the organic apples will be a more nutritional and greener choice than the cheaper non-organic ones, you're probably not alone.

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