Abortion tops menu of bans in pizza magnate's new town

I think this is a hare brained scheme that will fail in the long run - if it's truly incorporated as a town, the town could vote to annex surrounding areas, and I assume that even Mr. Monaghan doesn't have the ready cash to buy the entire state ... but ...

Imagine with me for a moment that I had managed to hit the Powerball jackpot a couple of weeks back, and with my money planned a town exactly like this one here in the Hoosier Heartland. Except, of course, it'd be a Heathen university and clergy training center. And, while residents would own their property outright, I'd control all the commercial real estate, and that would insure that nary a church could be found, and Main Street would not be littered with Christian bookstores. And the only pizza in town would be from Pizza Hut.

Now imagine the reaction of Mr. Monaghan and the rest of the Christian Right to my little town...

I can only hope that there's a special place in the Christian Hell for hypocrites. It'd be the biggest section in the whole realm.

If Domino's Pizza founder Thomas S. Monaghan has his way, a new town being built in Florida will be governed according to strict Roman Catholic principles, with no place to get an abortion, pornography or birth control.

(link) [CNN.com]

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