Iran anger over women fans

Not only is Islam the "Religion of Peace", it's also apparently the "Religion of Stupidity". But note how both the "Peace" and "Stupidity" are usually directed against the fairer sex.

Members of the clergy say it is wrong for men and women to look at each other's bodies, even if they have no intention of taking pleasure from it.

Well, a certain member of the Heathen clergy (me) says that what's wrong is to treat half the population of the planet as slaves, and what's stupid here is to somehow conflate usage of the eyes with "sin".

But, in the spirit of interfaith cooperation, I've come up with a new slogan that Muslim fundies everywhere can use: God Hates Girls.

I mean, isn't it obvious? Just ask your mum...

Iran's religious right opposes moves to let women attend football matches played by male teams.

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By the way, speaking of stupid, which way is Mecca when you're in orbit?

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