Pope visits synagogue, warns of new anti-Semitism

I hope none of my Catholic readers are offended, but this man (the Pope) is a jackass. Here's what he actually said:

"In the 20th century, in the darkest period of German and European history, an insane racist ideology, born of neo-paganism, gave rise to the attempt, planned and systematically carried out by the regime, to exterminate European Jewry."

Excuse me???!!! "Neo-pagans" were responsible for Nazism? Uh, maybe this bonehead needs to get reacquainted with the the most famous Christian of the 20th century. Hint: He was born in Austria, tried to take over the world, and no, hes not the Governor of California.

Nary a word about Catholic complicity in the Holocaust - nope, that was all us "neo-pagans"!

Take a look at your history, Mr. Pontiff, and tell me what you see. I see the Spanish Inquisition persecuting Jews, and pagan Lithuania as the only country in Europe willing to accept them. I see "Passion Plays", pogroms and ghettos - in fact, I see a rampart hatred of "Christ-killers" all over the Christian world. I see the Nazi's throwing the "neo-pagan" runemaster Friedrich Bernhard Marby into Dachau, and imprisoning many other occultists who disapproved of their usurpation of pagan symbology. I see the Vatican, represented by a man who would become Pope Pius XII, signing a concordat with Hitler.

People who live in glass houses should refrain from tossing rocks ...

Pope Benedict, making a historic visit on Friday to a synagogue once destroyed by the Nazis, said Christians and Jews must join forces so the "insane racist ideology" that led to the Holocaust never resurfaces.

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