Sat, 17 Dec 2005

Song site operators could face jail time

The music biz seems absolutely intent on killing that golden egg laying goose - now it seems they want to cook her as well.

I've been known to post lyrics here every once in a while: guess I'll just have to wait for my own personal "cease and desist" or DMCA takedown notice to arrive.

The latest offense in the music industry's copyright war has been launched by the Music Publishers' Association, which represents U.S. sheet music companies. According to a BBC story, beginning next year the MPA plans to take legal action against Web sites that offer unlicensed song score and lyrics.

(link) [CNET]

Update: Lyrics Dustup Ends in Apology (12/17/05)

As the music industry revs up for an assault on websites offering unlicensed lyrics and musical notes for popular music, one programmer behind a lyrics search tool for iTunes is breathing a sigh of relief. By Xeni Jardin.

(link) [Wired News]

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