Random Thoughts

An idealist is that person who does not believe that evil is an intrinsic property of the universe. A realist is a person who's sure of it.

All monotheist religions are tolerant as long as they are the ones who must be tolerated. They're not very good at tolerating others. At their very theological core they are by definition intolerant: There Can Be Only One! They're the Highlanders of theology.

We've gotten into the habit of watching "ghost chaser" shows - quite amusing! There's something so absurd about watching tattooed, mohawked and pierced 20-somethings run around in the dark saying things like "So, are you dead, or what?". The gadgets they use are amazing - well, amazingly stupid. Random background noise and codec artifacts become "spirit voices", or "EVPs". Even better is the spirit box: a speech generator running on some undefined software that acts as a sort of hi-tech Ouija board. I feel like we've discovered as video version of one of our favorite publications of all time: Weekly World News.

An even older (and perhaps odder) habit of ours is going to sleep by Coast to Coast AM, whose predecessor "The Art Bell Show" was a favorite late night habit of mine when I was on the road in the late 80's and early 90's. The show is probably 50% commercials, selling survival kits, gold coins, and investment advice. The remainder of the time is taken up with international callers discussing aliens (as in space), reptoids, ghosts, various versions of the apocalypse and who knows what else. Somehow, and I can't explain it, it's very relaxing, and puts us to sleep in a matter of minutes.

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