Sun, 18 Dec 2005

Investors speak out on free speech

Here's the relevant bit from Cisco, defending the undefendable:

For its part, Cisco says it "does not in any way participate in the censorship of information by governments." Countries that limit access to websites use the same Cisco products "that libraries and corporate network administrators use to block sites in accordance with policies that they establish," Cisco tells the Monitor in a written statement. "Cisco sells identical products worldwide [rather than customize them for particular uses]. Cisco cannot determine what sovereign nations regulate and don't regulate in their own countries."

And I'm sure that the American Type Culture Collection and the Pasteur Institute had no idea Saddam had a biowar program going - I mean, the government(s) approved them, just like they give Cisco export licenses to sell this technology to the PRC. Besides, these companies sell the same products worldwide, without customizing them for particular uses, and they cannot determine what sovereign nations regulate and don't regulate in their own countries... and so, of course, they can't be held responsible.

Internet software companies must walk a line between placating constituencies and penetrating emerging markets.

(link) [Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories]

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