Tue, 01 Jul 2008

McCain to talk free trade in Latin America

I do not understand the proposed free trade agreement with Columbia - what, exactly, is there to agree on?

Right now, we impose no duties or tariffs on Columbian goods entering the US, but Columbia does impose tariffs on US goods entering Columbia. The "agreement" would end that and let our goods in duty free. The government even has a ticker up on an export website showing the amount of tariff we've been charged since the agreement was signed (but not yet ratified).

What's the need for an "agreement"? If they're charging us tariffs on our imports, why don't we simply charge a reciprocal tariff on theirs? If they collect a dollar for every bushel of wheat we send them, why don't we collect a dollar for every bushel of coffee they send us? Is this "free trade"? Why have we put up with it?

It seems to me that if Columbia wants free trade with the US, and they allegedly do, then all they have to do is remove their tariffs. No "agreement" required.

AP - McCain was to arrive in Cartagena, Colombia, on Tuesday and meet with President Alvaro Uribe and several cabinet ministers. McCain also is a strong supporter of a proposed free-trade agreement with Colombia that is stalled in Congress.

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