Muslims rally against scarf ban

OK, this just sends me over the edge ... the hypocrisy expressed by this "religion of loonies" is simply too much.

Now, that's not to say that I'm necessarily in favor of the French position: I'm not sure a complete ban on obvious religious symbols in schools is a good thing. But to hear Muslims carping about "human rights" is way out of line. This is the religion that sanctions beating women, chopping off the hands of theives on first offense and mass murder as revenge for sexual indiscretions (so called "honor killings").

I wonder what Muslim reaction would be to the French instituting something like Saudi Arabia has: the Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (APVPV)?

This little gem of an agency recently conducted raids to insure that no ornaments or gifts were sold in Saudi Arabia for Christmas, New Years or Valentine's Day. (link found via Pagan Prattle Online). Where were Muslim protests over human rights there? How many rallied in Cario to support the right the buy a gift for New Years?

These French Muslims are using the Western democratic traditions of openness, fairness and secularism against us: does anybody seriously believe that they'd maintain such traditions were they to become the majority religion in Western countries?

Muslims protest in Paris and other cities against a French plan to ban overt religious symbols in schools.

(link) [BBC News | World | UK Edition]

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