Bill Gates wishes he wasn't so rich

Throw a million at me, Bill,
you can do it if you try.
I'd really like to taste it
just once before I die.

Throw a million at me, Bill,
that's all that I can ask.
So the kids and wife and CPU's
can just sit back and bask.

Throw a million at me, Bill,
I've bought lot's of M$ stuff.
Now that you've got your bilions,
will you ever have enough?

It's just a measly million, Bill,
small change for you to spare.
So pick my name at random,
and throw it if you dare!

The corporate leader who made Microsoft into the world's largest software maker - and who is also one of the biggest philanthropists - is seen as a man who does not like publicity. He explained that he did not like the attention of being the world's richest person.

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