Digital 'Ghosts' To Guide Students On Campus

Fascinating stuff, but, well, good luck! I'm not sure that the technology is here for this, yet. But I'm also reasonably sure that the technology needed isn't awaiting "invention" - it's awaiting "discovery". In other words, it's our thinking, abstractions and concepts that need to be rearranged and adjusted to make this sort of project come to fruitition.

The students at Copenhagen's new IT University will soon be guided by invisible, but talkative digital agents, known as ghosts or Disembodied Location-specific Conversational Agents. The ghosts are to compete amongst themselves for privileges such as better vocabulary or the ability to clone themselves. Ignored ghosts can die out completely. This project is a lot more serious than it sounds at face value - several papers have been published already.

(link) [Slashdot]

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