More Time for Madness

Am I springing forward or falling back? I don't really know, but I guess I'm not the only Hoosier bemused and incredulated (is that a word? it is now ...) by the obsession with time of Our Man Mitch. Masson's Blog points out today that the good Guv is in technical violation of the new DST law, and his rant from the 28th excoriating a recent Indianapolis Star editorial on the time change was nothing short of brilliant. Preach it, brother!

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New Blogs on the Roll

A close observer of this site will notice a few cosmetic changes of late: a new picture of your humble host (soon to be rotated with several new photos), some reformatting of the sidebar ... but I've not updated my blogroll for a bit, and it was time.

One former occupant is gone - TRIB, or The Review of Indiana Blogs made a brief appearance, but apparently died an untimely death over a month ago. They'd had no new posts since October 26th, and there was nothing on the horizon to indicate when (or even if) they'd be back.

Their efforts, however, piqued the interest of several other Hoosier bloggers, one of whom has the gumption (and the time) to attempt a replacement: Indiana Blog Review. Mostly covering local politics, it rapidly made an appearance on my internal news aggregator, and since it's been around for a bit and has regular posts (and good ones, too), it was time to place it on the blogroll. Done.

One of the blogs the Indiana Blog Review features regularly is Masson's Blog, a mostly local politics blog from Monticello, Indiana. Great posts here, too, so on the roll it goes.

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