Obama leaves to pick up Nobel prize

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President Obama -- fighting wars in two countries -- will arrive in Norway on Thursday to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

(link) [CNN.com]

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Honest Statism

Kevin Carson nails the health care debate - read the whole thing. Here's the link to Matt Welch's Reason article that Kevin riffs on, and more from Hit & Run.

In an article for the January issue of Reason, Matt Welch compared his experiences in the “private” American healthcare system and the French “socialized” system, and found the latter a lot more attractive from the perspective of the average healthcare consumer. The “waiting lines” were a lot less of a problem in France than in the U.S., and the French system was a lot more user-friendly and simple from the standpoint of bureaucratic hassle. While people rich enough to pay for major procedures out of pocket might prefer the American system, the average American insurance policyholder would probably find the French system heaven on earth.

(link) [Center for a Stateless Society]

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Supreme Court dismisses challenge to Illinois forfeiture law

Where is the outrage, a la Kelo? If anything, the civil forfeiture laws are worse than eminent domain, yet you hardly hear a peep from the right (or the left).

Well, I'm outraged.

The Supreme Court dismissed a case pitting innocent property owners against Chicago police and prosecutors who held seized autos and other property for years under a controversial Illinois forfeiture act.

(link) [Christian Science Monitor]

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