Bankers might be feeling publicís wrath ó literally

Oh, my! Anybody who still thinks a second American Revolution is not a distinct possibility needs to check out the comments on this piece. And the source is not considered to be a tea partier hangout, either. It's described as "left leaning".

If armed liberals ever make common cause with tea party wingnuts to go after the banksters, look out!

Lest anyone think that I'm rooting for the idea, I'm not. Revolutions are messy, bloody affairs, and usually have bad outcomes. The French wanted "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!" and got Napoleon. The Russians wanted "Land, Bread, Freedom" and ended up with Uncle Joe.

Not outcomes I'd wish on anybody. Especially me.

A Los Angeles lawyer who had represented a failed subprime mortgage lender is found dead outside his home, having been shot in the head.

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Lawmakers seek emergency steps to halt Asian carp

A ecological disaster of the first magnitude awaits...

AP - Members of Congress are demanding emergency action to prevent Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes and devastating their $7 billion fishery.

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