Beware the Depends Bomber

It's time to end this insane security theater.

On June 18, officers of the Transportation Security Administration forced a wheelchair-bound, 95-year-old leukemia patient to remove her adult diaper, lest it contain a bomb. As always when the TSA commits some new atrocity—like last April's "freedom fondle" of a 6-year-old girl—a designated bureaucratic spokes-unit affirmed that the officers acted "according to proper procedure."

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Attack of the computer mouse

Now this is an interesting choice of attack vector! Who'd have thunk it? Read the article for details on the deployment - getting in was surprisingly easy.

Security firm Netragard has described an attack during which a modified computer mouse was used to infiltrate a client's corporate network. For this attack, the security experts equipped the mouse with an additional micro-controller with USB support (Teensy Board) to simulate a keyboard, and added a USB flash drive to the setup.

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