Gathering Tools, Part 2

1949 JI Case VAC tractor

It's been almost a year since we purchased our mower - I'm pleased to say that we've now added the next (and in some ways the biggest) piece to our tool collection: a 1949 Case VAC tractor. For the record, the actual purchase date was the 8th, and the photo above was taken yesterday evening, after I'd rewired some things, installed a kill switch (that's why the hood is off) and took it for a spin around the yard. It runs great, but it's been (literally) 40 years since I've driven a tractor of any sort, and that's going to take some getting used to.

This guy has had some serious "redneck engineering" applied - the radiator is out of a junk car and has an overflow reservoir, and the exhaust has been extended a bit. The hood won't go on or off with the gas cap in place, and the gauges don't work at all. The seat is from a Ford Focus! That's gotta be replaced just to cure the dorky look! It does have a standard three point hitch, however, and the PTO is in great shape. The hydraulics to lower and raise the hitch are down, though, because somebody tried replacing the cylinder with a more modern one. That's OK, though, as we can swap the brand new one that's on it now for the correct style at no cost. Just a bunch of work. Until then we'll be pulling pins to set the hitch, but we won't be using any three point attachments until next year anyway, so it's a wash. And believe me, the price was right on this baby! I can deal with the quirks over time.

Incredibly useful equipment to be sure, but also incredibly dangerous. We'll get the hang of it, though. And next year, when we add a baler, we'll be getting our own hay, from our own pasture. That will be a truly wonderful feeling come November when the snow flies. Lorraine has already changed the sign on our egg money jar from "tractor fund" to "baler fund"!

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Icelandic town hopes angry elves have been soothed by songs

Old ways die hard, even after a thousand years...

It is hoped that elves and hidden people around the north-western Icelandic town of Bolungarvik will start to calm down again following their recent dangerous pranks and humansí subsequent efforts to appease them.

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