Wed, 08 Aug 2012

Drought-hit U.S. busts heat record from Dust Bowl days

I don't have records on the farm before we bought the place, but I can certainly assert that this was the hottest July here in the last decade. There is some potential rain on the horizon - we'll see. And we did take a hay delivery today, so we're set for winter, although the price had gone up by a third from last year.

What worries me is next year. If this pattern continues, it will be pointless to stay - we can't possibly make an operational profit or even break even on 10 acres if our pastures dry out and we can't produce any of our own feed. My fingers are crossed.

In the throes of a historic drought in the United States, a government agency said on Wednesday that it broke a heat record in July that had stood since the devastating Dust Bowl summer of 1936.

(link) [Reuters]

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