Fri, 10 Aug 2012

Pitchfork-wielding Virginia farmers rally against birthday party fine

For all of the wailing in Federal political campaigns about "small government" and "excessive regulation", this little piece nicely (if unintentionally) points out that most of the overbearing, obnoxious and nit-picking regulatory shenanigans that go on are at the very local level, not anything Federal (or in many cases even State) officials have anything to do with or say about. And given that this is in Virginia, I'd be willing to bet even money that the local morons causing this uproar are members of the party of smaller government and less regulation.

Those talking the talk would be well advised to begin walking the walk.

Pitchfork-wielding Virginia farmers rallied to support a woman who claims local officials came down on her for, among other things, hosting a children's birthday party on her spread.

(link) [Fox News]

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