Tue, 11 Sep 2012

Atheist Asatruar Redux

There's been a round (or two) of posting in the Pagan blogosphere lately concerning the intersections of philosophy, science, humanism and religion (specifically of the pagan or heathen variety). I ran into it first on The Wild Hunt, and then again at egreores, who has written a great deal on the subject over the years. Going back over MacRaven, it seems as though I, too, have written a good deal on the subject. So here's my list of links, a small contribution to the debate:

Interestingly enough, this topic seems to have generated more comments than any other, not to mention several dozen emails over the years asking for more private discussion of "secular humanist heathenry". And I'm still not sure that's what I'd call myself, though it does have a nice alliterative ring to it, kinda like "atheist Asatruar" ...

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