Ex-Muslim turns her lens on a taboo

At some point we in the West must understand the threat to our very way of life that Islam poses. I fear that we are being we are way too "politically correct" to ever be able to speak the truth.

You hear alot about so called "moderate Muslims", like the former pop star Cat Stevens who was recently deported from the US. His biggest hit was "Peace Train" which painted him as a man of peace, and I suppose he is, unless, of course, he's dealing with heretics like Salman Rushdie.

Some on the Right (but way too few on the Left) understand the goal of the Islamists. If anything, the Left should be far more concerned about it, given the dismal record of Islam in basic human rights.

I'm concerned because, well, I couldn't even exist as a dhimmi in an Islamic state: as a Heathen, I'd be forced to convert or be killed. The subservient dhimmi status only applies to "People of the Book", i.e. Christians and Jews. Kaffirs like me - well, the Koran recommends beheading.

Islam never underwent the period that Christianity did of Reformation and internal Holy War. In the West, that religious cataclysm from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries led directly to the Enlightenment, and the Enlightenment led to a severe curtailment in the mixing of politics and religion. Mainstream Islam is very similar in political outlook to Christian Reconstructionism, in that both ultimately envision a "godly" state, complete with enforcement of "gods" laws.

Note that Christianity has a "reconstruction" movement trying to inject religious law back into the secular state. Islam needs no such reconstruction, as it's never been "deconstructed". Unless and until Islam changes its basic character, which is that of a warrior religion with "conversion" by the sword an accepted norm, they will remain a threat to the ideals of a secular state, and to religious liberty.

As she begins to pray, the woman looks heavily veiled, showing her eyes only, but her long black chador turns out to be transparent. Beneath it, painted on her chest and stomach, there are verses from the Koran.

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