Thu, 13 Oct 2005

Thanks! I Needed That!

This has not been a very easy week. I overslept on Monday and was almost late to a commercial delivery, then managed to screw up another commercial order - forgot the banana-mango yogurt!

Tuesday seemed like it was moving in slow motion - nothing readily identifiable was causing the slow down, but slow down it did. I didn't get back to the farm until almost 4pm - and I should've been back by 1pm. There were fewer stops than usual, too, as I've started to feel the effects of $3 a gallon gasoline. "Hmmm, do I want a quart of really good milk, or a gallon of gas? Lemme think about it - no gas, no work, no money, no milk anyway! I'll take the gas!"

Yesterday was par for the week: several customers were missing in action - not home to accept delivery or pay the bill. One really good customer (and very nice gal, by the way) forgot to leave a check for the second week running ... I hate to have to remind her, but I'm gonna have to sooner or later.

So I was a bit depressed when I sat down to check the blogroll last evening. I'm manually checking those blogs without RSS feeds, and one of them is the newest addition to the list: Dvalin Darkdale. The post that was at the top was simply titled Joy - and that's exactly what it is: a joy to read and ponder. It not only hits the nail on the head, it drives it right through the board with a single stroke. It's important enough to have caused me to save a text copy locally and print it out.

Go read Joy now. Bookmark it. If you're ever feeling overwhelmed by life's turmoils, read it again. Then you'll understand why I titled this post "Thanks! I Needed That!"

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On 10/13/2005 15:46:53
Steven Tucker wrote

Thank you,


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