Wed, 22 Aug 2012

Romney’s Biggest Problem: He’s a Republican

No sympathy from me - after years of Wille Horton style ads and swiftboating it seems the Republican chickens are coming home to roost. I for one am going to make some popcorn and enjoy the show...

But really, what can Romney do? If he sticks by the platform then he alienates even more women and swing voters, whom he desperately needs to win the election. If, on the other hand, he sticks by his wishy-washy "pro-choice-for-life" history then he alienates the Republican base, who've had their suspicions about his conservative cred all along and they sit out the election or go for the really loony fringe and he loses.

The icing on this cake is Hurricane Issac, which could potentially land in Tampa just as the convention hits full stride. Beautiful...

Spare a sympathetic thought, if you have one in you, for the Mittster. There he is, diligently preparing for his big week down in Tampa, when along come the hapless Todd Akin and some self-styled visionary called Paul Ryan espousing views that, if the Democrats and their media allies succeed in pinning them on him, would make it a near mathematical impossibility for him to be elected President. At a moment when the G.O.P. candidate-elect is understandably eager (make that desperate) to talk about debt and jobs, the political-news media is consumed with abortion and Medicare.

(link) [The New Yorker]

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