Iran Renews Threat to Exit Nuclear Treaty

Let's see, they're already violating the treaty by enriching uranium, so if we punish them for these treaty violations, they'll tear the treaty up and violate it some more.

This is so brazen it's almost a comedy routine: it reminds me of the scene in Blazing Saddles, where Black Bart goes schizophrenic and takes himself hostage. Wonder if Mel Brooks is big in Tehran?

AP - Iran renewed its threats to withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty on Sunday, with its president saying sanctions would be "meaningless" and its parliament seeking to put a final end to unannounced inspections of its nuclear facilities.

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Red Finally Popped

No picture yet, but Red had her calf today about noon. And for once, we actually got to see nearly the whole birth - makes me so glad I'm male! And human - afterbirth doesn't exactly sound like a great meal! But Red whomped it all down as soon as it was fully expelled - high protein, I suppose, and probably aids somewhat in the production of colostrum.

The calf's a little brown thing - chocolate brown almost. Looks to be about 40 pounds, give or take. About the right size, but a very strange color for a Highland. Kris has already mentioned "Cocoa" as a name if it's a heifer, or "Carob" if it's a bull. Her naming schemes can be decidedly bizarre! Tomorrow we'll see if we have a boy or a girl, and I imagine it'll get dubbed something sweet.

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Goss departure raises questions about CIA health

I wonder if he was implicated in this mess? He was on several key Congressional committees regarding defense and intelligence, and no names have been released by the prosecutors. We'll see, I suppose.

Reuters - The abrupt resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss raises disturbing questions about the U.S. flagship intelligence agency's health, amid growing concerns about a nuclear Iran, turmoil in Iraq and the al Qaeda threat.

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