Gas Gauge

Gas gauge

snitched from a string of great cartoons at within the crainium

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Justices Set Aside Patent Ruling Against eBay

Wow, at least the Supremes still have a modicum of common sense... now lets hope they continue to use it!

The Supreme Court's unanimous ruling represents a significant victory for eBay and the technology industry.

(link) [New York Times]

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Fake chip research shocks China

China is an acknowledged rising star in the world economy - their growth rate is staggering, and shows no sign of slowing down. As this article shows, they're also working feverishly to reduce reliance on foreign imports.

They must not have read the economists that keep telling us that reliance on imports is a good thing, and that we really don't need homegrown manufacturing or technical capabilities, when we can buy them cheaply abroad.

Or maybe they have.

There's a lesson here for us, if we've the wit to see it.

A top academic is fired after faking research into computer chips that aimed to end China's reliance on imports.

(link) [BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition]

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