Why Emails Are Misunderstood

It's not just email: message boards, forums and even blogs can be subject to the same effect. Anybody who uses the Internet to communicate needs to read and understand what these guys have finally quantified (although nearly any denizen of any list could've verified the same thing from experience alone).

Michael Morris and Jeff Lowenstein wouldn't have recognized each other if they'd met on the street, but that didn't stop them from getting into a shouting match. The professors had been working together on a research study when a technical glitch inconvenienced Mr. Lowenstein. He complained in an e-mail, raising Mr. Morris's ire. Tempers flared.

(link) [Christian Science Monitor]

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Satellite radio in recordings row

Somebody better clue the recording industry in on a little secret: we've had devices that could record radio broadcasts for years. They're called cassette decks.

US satellite broadcaster XM is being sued over a gadget that lets people record what they are listening to.

(link) [BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition]

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