Seeing Red

A curse on "Saint" Padraig - may the lowest regions of the Underworld hold naught but misery for he and his ilk. May he be denied rebirth into the clans of his fathers, and may he be tormented forever by the sure knowledge that he tried to forever divorce an ancient folk from the gods and goddesses of their land, and enslave them as mere sniveling scions of a foreign desert diety.

I got some news for ya, Paddy boy: ya failed. We're back.

The mighty peoples of the North have persisted, retaining for centuries the memories of our ancient and hallowed troth, even if in reduced form as faries, banshees, elves and "wee folk". But we remembered. And now we're joinng with other folk North, South, East and West to reclaim our heritage and our birthright - no more slave gods for us!

I'll be wearin' the red today, Paddy, in memory of my ancestors who died resisting the siren call of your false and wicked god. And I shan't rest until he's driven from the North, and sacrifice and feast, boast and toast, is once more offered openly to to the gods and goddesses that made our lands proud and free, as they were before you sailed from foreign shores to corrupt them.

Rot in Nifelhel, Paddy. I'll be toasting your tormentors!

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