Tue, 10 Nov 2009

Dances with Ewes

Well, if you've been paying careful attention to the blogroll you'll have noticed a new addition: Dances With Ewes. This is our new farm blog, with Lorraine in charge. And as I write this, she's posting some sad news indeed - we lost Jihad, our youngest Blackie ewe.

She was one of this years mommas - we had sent her visiting last February, and she had delivered a fine ewe lamb at the end of July. She'd been in "medical" for a while - she'd been trampled, and had apparently developed an abscess on her spine (or some other CNS problem) - she'd get better and then worse. We tried everything we know, but by this afternoon she was unable to stand. We did what we had to do, and dispatched her rapidly and painlessly.

Lorraine is composing a nice tribute and more of the tale - she's been following her saga rather closely since she launched the blog last week. She was a fine ewe, and we certainly did not want her to end like this. So go check out the tribute at Dances With Ewes, and check back there often for more of our farm news than makes it to MacRaven.

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