Blackies Go Visiting

My good friend Kevyn came over last evening and loaded three of our Blackie (Scottish Blackface) ewes in a band spanking new stock trailer. They're headed for Connor Prairie for the summer, and will be bred (late, for sure) to a Horned Dorset ram they have over there. They were a bit skittish, but it only took about half and hour to get them loaded and gone. They'll be back in October with lambs in tow - the lambs are my price for the use of them over the summer, and we'll be heading over at shearing time to help with them and others. All in all, a pretty good deal for us.

Connor Prairie is selling the red stock trailer I sold them two years ago - wish I had some extra cash to buy it back, but, alas! no such luck. The new trailer Kevyn had was something else: the gates locked back with push plates, so opening and snapping them shut was easily done with an elbow or a shoulder - much easier than struggling with pin latches in older trailers. A simple innovation, but one that makes a lot of sense.

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