Attack of the Profit-Killer Worms

Some of the stats in this article are appalling:

On any given day, between two and 12 per cent of all Internet traffic moving across ISP networks is malicious. Even on well-run networks with dedicated security departments, malicious traffic makes an average of five per cent of all data.

No wonder rates are going up! It's a wonder any of these poor bastards are still in business!

ISPs take it on the chin

(link) [The Register]

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Yahoo To Charge For Search Listings

So much for Yahoo competing with Google. You can't stack the deck and expect to maintain your credibility. Methinks I'll take the unbiased option for free ...

Yahoo will start taking payments to "tilt the playing field" for companys that want their listings given more prominence by Yahoo's search engine.

(link) [Slashdot]

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Blosxom.PHP 0.8

I'm going to be taking a serious look at this in the next few days - not only for use here, on MacRave, but also for some pending "business blog" projects that are in the pipeline. Perl is a great language, but I'm having a terrible time with it's readability and maintainability. PHP is close enough to C (i.e. it's nearly human readable) that I have no problems with it.

A port of Blosxom to PHP.

(link) [ - Mac OS X]

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Hands Off! That Fact Is Mine

This would be absolutely devastating to the core technologies of the Internet: links and search engines.

Congress is considering a bill that would allow companies to copyright databases and other sets of information. Critics say the bill would circumvent the core of copyright law, which says no one can own a fact. By Kim Zetter.

(link) [Wired News]

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SCO Names Lawsuit Targets: AutoZone and Chrysler

The promised one yesterday, and delivered two a day later. Sounds like a dollar short, too.

I forget where I read this, but some wag said that god invented SCO so that geeks would have a company they could hate more than Microsoft. I think he was right ... reports that SCO has filed the first (of two) soon to be infamous lawsuits. This one is aimed against car part retailer AutoZone, a multi-billion, Fortune 500 company according to the site...SCO just announced during their ongoing conference call another lawsuit, this one "to be filed against Daimler-Chrysler, alleging that they are infringing SCO's copyright by using code relating to 'core operating system functionality' of SCO System 5."

(link) [Slashdot]

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