A New Blog in the Roll

A favorite local columnist, Chadd Wheat for the Lebanon Reporter has started blogging his columns at the address above - he's a pretty funny guy, and I always try to catch his column in the paper. Now I can read it without getting my fingers smudged by newsprint! Progress!

This weeks column is on some lunacy in the Carmel City Council:

When they outlaw vinyl-sided houses, only outlaws will live in vinyl-sided houses. At least, in Carmel, Indiana.

(link)  [My Life: The Sitcom]

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Opus Dei

Opus Dei is a rather secretive group of conservative (and I mean somewhere to the right of Ghengis Khan) Catholics, apparently bent on changing the course of American (and to some extent, other countries, esp., in western Europe) policies to fit with their narrow worldview. These are the kind of people who think that the Spanish Inquisition was a great idea!

They really hadn't come right out and said what they were up to before, but this article from the Boston Globe kinda scares me:

The Crusaders

A powerful faction of religious and political conservatives is waging a latter-day counterreformation, battling widespread efforts to liberalize the American Catholic Church. And it has the clout and the connections to succeed. [from The Boston Globe via MyAppleMenu]

They're talking of "relatively bloodless civil war" and "morally justified revolution" over issues like birth control and stem cell research ... These aren't raving redneck fundies, either (well, except in spirit). They're rich, politically well-connected and usually very, very quiet.

Make of it what you will: it's certainly something to keep an eye on.

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With Internet Fraud Up Sharply, eBay Attracts Vigilantes

Very strange, given this entry from yesterday... it is a trend.

Ebay management says the company does not need the amateur help to fight online auction fraud.

(link) [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

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SCO Aims For The Feds

These people (SCO) are just morons... if folks dont't catch on to the true nature of their legal actions as simple extortion after reading this, then they never will.

News.com reports that SCO is now targetting the Feds and their supercomputers (the Beowulf clusters, etc.). Looks like they bit off more than they can chew, even before winning a single case

(link) [Slashdot]

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Builder.com Writers Outsourced to India

We've shipped our brawn overseas long ago - now we're sending our brains. What's gonna be left here? This, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Builder.com, which is part of CNet.com, is now outsourcing some of their writing to India. The funny thing is, the editor claims it's not as much about money as because he's 'getting a better interface with producers of the content.

(link) [Slashdot]

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