Interesting Uses for Trusted Computing

Proving that some swords do indeed have two edges ...

The Unlimited Freedom blog has published a new article describing 'interesting' uses of Trusted Computing.

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US veto on Yassin draws criticism

So, the Palestinians are all upset over the killing of a wheelchair bound old man, eh? Very commendable human sentiment, never mind the fact that he was a terrorist leader.

Given these fine impulses towards the protection of the disabled, I can only wonder where these these emotions (and their accompanying protests and UN resolutions) were when Leon Klinghoffer, a wheelchair-bound tourist with no connections to terrorism or crime of any sort, was gleefully shot and rolled off the deck of a hijacked ship into the sea?

Where were the street demonstrations, the impassioned pleas against violence? Hel, the Italians even let the murderers go, initially!

Nothing disturbs me so much as hypocrisy, and it's rank odor permeates this whole affair.

The US decision to block a UN resolution condemning the killing of Hamas's spiritual leader is widely criticised.

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