Another Day on the Farm

Well, we got up at 4:30 am EST this morning, in order to set up our first portable petting zoo of the season for the Thorntown Earth day celebration. We ended up taking the goats and the bottle lambs - we had intended on including the Rasta Llama in the mix, but he developed a serious attitude for some unknown reason. He actually spat at me for only the third time in the four years we've own him - and I still have no idea why. Oh well, I advertised him as "The Mysterious Llama", and he's certainly living up to his billing.

I had to leave the festivities at 10, as I had a wedding to perform at 1 down in Indy. Made it in plenty of time, joking that today was the day Kris got the goats and I got the kids! By the gods, they seemed so young! I know they're well into their twenties, and it' just the perspective of an old fart, but still ... I can't be getting that much older - the rest of the world has to be getting younger. Yep, that's it!

I'll catch up with more of my usual snarky diatribes on the news tomorrow - this is one old fart who's too pooped to blog anymore tonight.

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