U.S. Government Developed the iPod

Yep, no doubt... and Al Gore invented the Internet, too. Why do politicians seem to consistently do this? Have they rationalized so much, and applied so much spin to so many events, that they're no longer capable of grasping reality at all?

Engadget reports that in a speech at Tuskegee University, President Bush claims that government research developed the iPod. From the article: "While we have to gratefully acknowledge the efforts of government agencies such as DARPA in some of the fields mentioned by the President, we also feel obligated to point out the accomplishments of private companies in the US and abroad, including IBM, Hitachi and Toshiba -- not to mention the Fraunhofer Institute, which developed the original MP3 codec ..."

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Congress readies new digital copyright bill

Listen to the people? Nope. Listen to the consumer? Nope. So who's siren song does Congress really hear? I wonder ...

Instead of reforming the DMCA, the U.S. government seems poised to expand it in a sweeping new proposal expected soon.

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