China buys Google

Wow! Well done ...

Exclusive Mu Shu Porked

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A Day of Culinary Delights

I've been told I'm a man of simple tastes, and while I can't speak to the veracity of that rather broad statement, I indulged myself today in my favorite, albeit simple, foods.

Lunch was a bowl of beef ramen and a poached egg on toast, and for dinner my darling wife Kris had given me permission to fix Hoosier Heathen Chicken Livers - as long as I got her a "real" chicken dinner (somehow I don't think she believes in livers as "real" food ...) and ran the exhaust fan on the stove during the cooking process.

Altogether a yummy day!

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Kosher Phone Merges Technology and Faith

Hey, what's so new about this? God's had a fax line for quite some time ... and an email address.

On a more serious note, I found it very interesting indeed that inquiries are already coming in from Muslim fundamentalists with essentially the same goals (blocking porn, gambling, etc.) as the Orthodox rabbis.

AP - It sounds like the setup for a punch line: What do you get when you cross an ultra-Orthodox rabbi with a mobile phone? But the "kosher phone" is real and its developers are serious about looking beyond the religious enclaves of Israel. Some Arab companies even have inquired about the phone's main feature: keeping out sex lines and other worldly temptations.

(link) [Yahoo! News: Top Stories]

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Text messaging from beyond the grave?

Grave goods are nothing new, but still... a cell phone? Believe it or not, there's even a precedent for this absurdity...

Making a cell phone call from the bathroom is one thing. But from a coffin?According to the BBC, people are now asking to be buried...

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