Mood in Mid-America

Read the whole article, but pay careful attention to the graphic at the bottom of the page tracking the American mood over the last part of the 20th century. Then try to remember who was President when the mood rocketed, and who was in office when it fell. Draw your own conclusions.

Troubled by the war in Iraq and a fitful economy, Americans slip into a lingering sense of unease.

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Small farmers are key to easing poverty - G8 advised

Note that this is true everywhere but in the United States and Canada, where only large farmers get loans, grants and subsidies... small farms in North America are considered (by the government) to be more of a nuisance than a blessing.

Of course I'm sure the tune with change once these countries are "developed".

Small farmers can be a driving force in cutting hunger and poverty worldwide. This was the key message to G8 leaders from an international gathering of leading development specialists this week.

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Coding for $15 an hour?

You want fries with that database app?

Could a computer coding job paying just $15 per hour signal something's wrong with the tech world?

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