Parkinson's disease drugs may cause pathological gambling

What a side effect!

Eleven patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) developed pathological gambling behavior following dopamine agonist therapy, a drug therapy to control movement problems caused by Parkinson's disease, according to a study posted online today which will appear in the September print issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.

(link) [EurekAlert! - Breaking News]

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Christian conservatives take on tobacco

Well, I'm shocked! They're against drinking and sex, so why should smoking escape their wrath? I suspect that their next target may be the backyard barbecue - well known for it's resemblance to ancient rites involving burnt offerings ...

While Christian conservatives are known for several causes—opposition to abortion, opposition to gay marriage, and opposition to the teaching of evolution as fact—another cause is now gaining support among people of faith: opposition to smoking.

(link) [U.S. News & World Report]

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Only One Down

Yeti, our missing barn cat whom we presumed dead, has returned! And hungry, too! So the past weekend wasn't quite as glum as it appeared last evening. It's more than a little relief - he's one of our favorites. I gotta try to get some pictures of the barn cats up somewhere: they do a really fine job of keeping the rodents under control around here, and deserve more appreciation than I have heretofore granted them.

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